Wild Atlantic Way

On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

Unusually for the ABR forum, contentious topics such as Donald Trump or the EU in/out debate were far and few between. In their absense were plenty of threads from adventure motorcyclists looking for tips on touring destinations and venting about stupid drivers.

So, have a browse below and see if you can help out any of our forum members and join the conversation.

Moto al is off to Spain next month and he is looking for some tips on visiting Tabernas, Almeria. Have you been? Pop onto the forum and share your experiences.

Mike101 has sparked an interesting conversation into life by asking the following: “We dismount our machines on the left as the stand is there. But why is the stand on the left?” Any ideas? Head to the forum to join the conversation.

Shedman is doing the Wild Atlantic Way down the west coast of Ireland in June and is looking for campsite recommendations. “Prefer not too commercial if poss’, but with a shower and if there is a pub next door, bonus!” Drop by on the forum with any suggestions.

Photo: The Sarge

RavenstoneGSA has been having a bit of a vent, and we don’t blame him. “Riding to work yesterday I followed a BMW driver off the M1. He’d been wandering out of lane and braking erratically and when I pulled up behind him I saw why. He had a tablet fixed to his dashboard and was watching a film!” Anyone else had similar experiences? Let us know on the forum.

Rodrigoscs is heading to Cornwall from London for a four-day Easter break with planned overnight stops near Bournemouth, Farmouth/Land’s End and Bristol/Bath. “Any recommendations where to stay overnight, places to see, what to do?” Head to the forum to share your tips.