Triumph Tiger Explorer 2015

On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

In the mood for a debate? Well the ABR forum seems to be the perfect place for it! Last week on the forum we’ve had a discussion over whether or not the UK should stay as part of the EU, plus several members need advice on touring Scotland and thoughts on the Triumph Tiger Explorer. Can you help them out?

Rlkat has brought the EU debate to the forum with a poll for members to vote in and a thread for people to discuss their views. Join the debate and discuss what it may mean for touring by heading to the forum.

YOSHIWOLVES is potentially in the market for a new (second hand) adventure bike and he has been considering the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 as an option but he wants some advice to help him make his choice. “What are people’s experiences of these, good and bad?” Drop by the forum to offer your advice.

ChopsMcgee is planning a trip to Scotland for around three days and he’s after some help and advice on where to go and what to see. So far he has Hadrian’s Wall, Fort William and Applecross in mind. Where would you recommend? Pop onto the forum to help the guy out.

Biker_Mike is raising a question about what constitutes high mileage. “I’m not sure why, but here on this side [Africa] we talk about ‘high’ mileage only if it averages more than 15,000 miles per year.” The question comes as he is looking for bikes in the UK market and is surprised to see 20,000 miles considered as high mileage. So, what are your thoughts on what constitutes high mileage? Click here to join the debate.