Riding the Ridgeway

On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

One of the best things about the ABR forum is that there are often great debates or conversations about topics related to adventure bike riding.

The good news is that last week the forum saw a lot of this meaning there’s plenty to get stuck into. Expect questions about what really makes something an adventure bike and stories of going too far out of your comfort zone.

ChasF has shared a story of when he went too far out of his comfort zone on a ride in France and now he wants to hear your stories too. The thought came after he saw a TomTom camera car and he started thinking of all the people who follow their GPS blindly and end up in a sticky situation. So head to the forum and share your stories by clicking here.

Smudger272 is looking to trade in his 2008 BMW F800GS for a new Honda Africa Twin and wants to get your thoughts on the deal he’s been offered. He’s been offered £4,050 which includes all accessories if he swaps for the Africa Twin. Do you think it’s a good price or would he get more selling privately? Help the guy out by joining the conversation on the forum here.

SteveW has been pondering what an adventure bike truly is. “For me the acid test for an ‘adventure bike’ would be on a trip, probably off this island, riding a bike that has the ability to carry my kit. Then when I see a gravel/dirt trail heading off over a mountain and I think ‘I wonder what’s up there?’ I’d want my bike to be able to easily take me up and over that trail and find out.” What constitutes an adventure bike in your eyes? Let us know on the forum.

Tramp may be needing a new bike for the commute to a new job and he wants your recommendations. He says the roads are gridlocked in the south so he needs a comfortable, reliable commuting bike for short 20-mile motorway jaunts and low-speed filtering. Head to the forum if you’ve got any ideas.