On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

With the UK being battered by terrible weather there’s no surprise the topic has made an appearance on the forum. In the latest round-up we have questions about riding in strong winds plus calls for advice on riding routes in the UK and abroad. Can you help out any of our forum members?

Paul Neate wants to know how people tend to deal with a gusting crosswind. “Riding home last night I was getting battered by strong gusts of wind… The gusts were pushing me off course by maybe half a metre to a metre. Not so bad on a well-surfaced road, but would have been a problem on a loose surface.” Drop by on the forum and join the conversation on how to deal with this sort of problem.

Paulw1882 is planning a nine-day tour of France in June and is after some advice on an itinerary. They will be riding two-up and will be starting and finishing in Calais. Head to the forum with any suggestions.

Moto al wants to get from Scotland down to Portsmouth on his bike without having all of the traffic mayhem that tends to ensue. Anyone have any ideas? Visit the forum to offer your wisdom…

Tink is looking for any opinions or reviews on the Triumph Tiger 885 2000 model or the BMW F650GS 2001 model. Have any experience on these bikes? Drop by on the forum and help the fella out.