Biski - motorcycle crossed with a jetski

On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

As ever the ABR forum has been in full swing over the last week with some great topics being raised, discussed and argued! In this week’s forum round up you can expect a motorcycle crossed with a jet ski, questions over gear and bikes and one member’s “flabbergasted” reaction to his first ride on a BMW R1200GS.

SteveW wants to know what you’re looking forward to this winter. “These days are so short now, this blustery rain is the worst type of weather. What’s everyone planning/looking forward to?” Well, what’s keeping you going over the next few months? Let us know on the forum.

Nethen1 has shared a photo of an interesting contraption called a Biski. It’s basically a bike and a jet ski combined into one machine. It has a top speed of 80mph on land and 37mph on water and a curb weight of 228kg (that’s less than the BMW R1200GS!). What do we reckon? Join the conversation by heading to the forum.

Thumper is in need of a windproof mid-layer and is on the lookout for any decent recommendations. “Doing a fair few miles for work at the moment (600 miles/week), and I notice the wind chill, even with all my vents zipped shut. So, any recommendations on a windproof layer?” Drop in on the forum and help the guy out!

BIG BILL has just invested in a 2011 Tiger 800 with cast wheels with low mileage and in fantastic condition.  “I have owned 3 955is, it seems lighter/quicker. What are your thoughts?” Head to the forum and let your opinions be known!

Andy kinvig has recently joined the ABR forum and would like to know if there is anyone from Shrewsbury or the surrounding areas going out on local rides that wouldn’t mind an extra person tagging along. “Have done the Wayfarer but other than that I don’t know of anything local and would appreciate a bit of help.” Got something to say? Head to the forum.

Scott_rider had his first ever ride on a BMW R1200GS on the weekend and in his own words, “I was flabbergasted”. He said, “In no particular order, my comments after years of sports bike and enduro bike riding are:

Comfort = absolutely superb
Weight = disappears when you get on the move
Handling = feels like a small 250 around town
Suspension = a magic carpet ride quality
Gearbox = super smooth and long-legged
Engine = vibey then smooth and fairly grunty.”

Thoughts? Do you agree or do we have some GS haters among us? Stoke the debate by heading to the forum!