Author: Rob Slade

On the ABR forum last week…

As if it’s Monday already!? Just where does the weekend go? Don’t worry though, we’ll be sure to try and keep you entertained through the working week through the ABR website. Kicking off the week we’ve get our regular forum round up. As with most weeks there has been loads of activity on the forum with threads discussing all sorts.

Below we’ve rounded up a few of the highlights including questions about how good the Honda CB500X Rally Raid (Stage 3) is, what bike would be good for a first-time green lane rider and a quest for advice about off-road routes in Europe. So take a look below and see if you can help anyone out.

SteveW is having his head turned by the Honda CB500X Rally Raid (Stage 3)… “I am starting to get very interested in this bike. Surely this can’t be happening? I am afraid it just may be a future purchase.” Any thoughts? Let us know on the forum.

Kito is planning a trip across Europe through France, passing through the north of Italy and then onto Serbia but he needs some advice. “Basically I’m looking to head east taking in as much off-road as I can… Any tips of advice much appreciated.” Drop in on the forum to help the fella out.

Cadoganpier has a couple of days off on the horizon and wants to take his bike and tent down to the coast in Devon and Cornwall. The question he’s asking is, “Does anyone know of any beaches you can actually camp on?” Any ideas? Head to the forum.

Rjsmith26 is in the market for a bike to ride in winter that needs less tlc than a 1200GSA, is easy to pick up and will handle ventures on green lanes. He’s 6ft 4”, doesn’t need anything too extreme and just wants to be able to bimble around in winter on it. So far he’s been tempted by the Honda CRF250L or the Yamaha WR250R. Thoughts and suggestions are most welcome on the forum!

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