KTM 640 Adventure

On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

What better way to start the week than with a look at the latest activity from the ABR forum… The past week has seen a hive of activity on the forum with casual chit chat about rugby and politics plus a whole range of bike talk. Among this week’s highlights there are questions about the KTM 640 Adventure, a trip to Morocco plus a rant about people pretending to be police officers. Scroll down for the full low-down.

Moto al is planning a trip to Morocco in April and is looking for tips, ideas and anyone else who fancies tagging along. He’s planning to camp and has already drawn up a provisional route. Head to the forum to offer thoughts and tips.

Tramp is potentially in the market for a KTM 640 Adventure but he would like to know which year was best. “Every bike has a good year… Anyone got a special one for sale… not a dog in supermodel’s clothes… Ideally cherished so I can abuse it…” So, anyone got any tips? The forum is waiting…

Alphadog43 is toying with the idea of investing in a Honda CRF250L for some gentle green laning but is wondering what experiences other ABRs have had with the machine. “I’m not bothered about speed, just enjoying the scenery on a bike that doesn’t need rebuilding every 5 minutes.” Got an opinion? Drop in on the forum to share your experiences.

Philiptigerrice has a bit of a bone to pick… “I overtook a guy out on a white Pan European tonight, with one of those f***ing ludicrous Tabards on it, that say “POLITE” on the back… And he had what appeared to be police stickers on the fairings, which I think said “Metropolitan Polite” where the force name would be. He also had high vis blue & yellow stripes on the back of his panniers. He was doing about 55mph on the M66 and had an enormous amount of cars crawling along behind him.

“Who do these dicks think they are?! I can’t believe that by changing one letter that people get away with impersonating a police officer. I see a fair few of those Tabards…. Whyyyyy??!!” Any thoughts on this? Join the conversation on the forum.

Akceller8 is heading down to the Alps for a winter working in a ski resort and he will be taking his XT600e with him. Therefore he’s looking for winter tyres that work well in the cold and can handle a bit of snow. Pop to the forum if you’ve got some advice.