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Author: Rob Slade

It’s that time again for the ABR forum roundup and as usual there has been plenty of activity taking place online. It’s great to see new members popping up as well as a few people who have been taking and passing their bike tests. More riders on the roads can only be a good thing. So what’s been happening on the forum over the past week?

Well, there has been a little less controversy compared to past weeks and there have been quite a few people asking for bike and gear advice. So if you’re a wizz when it comes to that sort of thing, make sure you head online to help out. We’ve got questions about first bikes, whether touring in groups is actually worth the hassle and someone has also suggested that the BMW F800GS is the best adventure bike out there! Now that’s got to get a lot of you up off your seats! Anyway, here is the best from the ABR forum last week.

SteveW has opened a can of worms by suggesting that the BMW F800GS has to be the best adventure bike on the market right now. He says, “An Adventure Bike for me is a nicely compromised bike. Its abilities balanced between comfort, road ability, fuel range and off/rough road ability… There are faster road bikes, better Tarmac-tourers, better off-roaders…..but as an overall package what current bike can beat the GS800 in the UK as an ‘Adventure Bike’?” Head to the forum to jump in on the debate!

WesleyDRZ400 wants to buy a bike for his girlfriend who will be sitting her CBT in a few weeks so he’ll be looking for a 125cc first. So far he has narrowed it down to the AJP125, the Derby Terra and the Rieju Tango 125. “Looking for light weight, easy handle, low maintenance & can take a few drops,” he said. Any suggestions? Drop in the forum to help the fella out.

Emf#53 is after opinions of those who have changed from a BMW 800GS to a 1200GS. The question comes after he took his 800GS into the garage for a service only to be given a 1200GS as a courtesy bike which happened to have a lowered chassis allowing him to reach the ground easily. In fact, easier than the 800GS! He enjoyed the extra power and the smoothness to the point where he has now been contemplating getting the 1200GS. Having said that, he did feel that his 800GS was sharper and more responsive on the ride home but he wants your opinion. Head to the forum to share your thoughts and comments.

Waynecoluk has posted about the difficulties of touring in a group. Half way through a recent group tour the other people in his party just got up one morning and decided to go home, partly because of poor weather. He ended going home too because he was so annoyed and now he’s questioning whether or not to group tour again. Has anyone else had bad experiences in groups? Join the conversation here.

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