Adventure bike with cow styling

On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

On the ABR forum last week there has been the usual pub chat we have come to expect from the forum plus questions about travelling lightweight, a debate about white lines on British roads and a very interesting picture…

Catcitrus has something to say about the potential plans to white lines from British roads. “I’m old (and remember simple dotted lines) and agree that the proliferation of double or single continuous white lines puts people to sleep – but this looks like a recipe for head ons!” Head to the forum to offer your thoughts on the matter.

You can always trust moto al to find some cracking photos and he’s not let us down with this one. “Any jokes?” See some good, and some really bad jokes by heading to the forum.

For the last few years Maljones has been using his BMW R1200GS for all of his big trips. He camps, cooks and is generally self-sufficient. But he’s now decided weight is an issue so he’s doing all his trips on a KTM 640 Adventure this year. As a result, he’s on the lookout for weight saving tips! Any advice? Drop by the forum.

Spike941 is heading to Norway and wants some suggestions from all of the wild campers out there on what lightweight, compact food you recommend taking away. Visit the forum and share the knowledge!