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Author: Paul Jennison


It’s getting to that time of year when the mercury hovers either just above or below the freezing mark on the thermometer and cold starts in the morning can begin take a lot of charge out of your bike’s battery and if your battery is down on voltage it may be problematic. On the other hand the arrival of cold weather may mean that your machine is put into hibernation and is only going to see the light of day once the winter is behind us. Either way, keeping the battery in a healthy state of readiness is essential.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing the CTEK XS 0.8 charger and maintainer to ensure that I’m not going to be let down by my bike this winter. The device automatically checks the condition of the battery cells and keeps it topped up with ready to go power.

A lot of bike manufactures tend to store the battery in a not so easily accessible location and it can be a bit difficult getting traditional crocodile clips onto the terminals so the use of the permanent connection lead supplied with the CTEK XS 0.8 is an easier way of connecting the charger to the battery. If you’ve got a more accessible or loose battery then the inclusion of traditional crocodile clip connectors (as well as the permanent connection lead) make this easy and they also allow you to charge more than one vehicle at the same time. It’s also worth bearing in mind that bikes with a CAN bus system will need a direct connection to the battery for the charger to work properly.

Once connected there is an easy to read six step charge cycle display that will keep you informed as to the condition of the battery. The first stage is the desulphation where the unit uses a pulsing voltage to remove sulphates from the lead plates which restores the battery capacity. Steps two and three charge the battery up to 100% capacity and then step four checks that the battery is holding the charge or should be replaced and the final two steps keep the battery on a trickle charge to ensure its ready for use.

It is suitable for all 12 volt lead-acid batteries and delivers a charging voltage of 14.4 volts with a maximum charging current of 0.8 amps. If used in proximity of flammable liquids or vapours the connections have a non-sparking safety feature which should prevent accidental combustions and is protected against reverse polarity and short-circuits.

The unit itself is robust and can be wall mounted if required. It is also dust and splash proof which should be sufficient to protect it when used in out buildings.

In a Line: Keeps your bikes battery charged and healthy over the winter.

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