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Author: Alex Buxton

“The intent of the entire BDR project is to provide detailed information to the motorcycle and 4×4 community that makes backcountry travel more accessible.” says Justin Bradshaw of Butler Motorcycle Maps. “More and more motorcyclists are ditching the pavement in search of adventure off-road, our maps help them feel more comfortable about that transition.”

Both maps in the BDR series are water-proof and specifically designed to cater to ABRs with the inclusion of vital information like elevation profiles, fuel stops, camping locations, and QR codes (Quick Response code is a type of bar code used with Android applications like smart phones and tablet computers) showing video from each section.

The maps cost $14.95 (£9.60) and are available here.

The Backcountry Discover Routes also have a dedicated website where users can download free GPS tracks, watch video, and connect with other riders.