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Author: Craig Watt

Welcome to my Picture Blog . .

Part One

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I am so lucky to live in this beautiful part of Scotland , were the roads are made for biking.
The weather can be changeable but that is why it’s ever so green. Most weekends and evenings in the summer, I hit the back roads for a bit of fun and see what sights I can spot.

There is beautiful scenery in every direction but sometimes it is hard to stop and get that picture because of the fantastic roads.

  • The Bike ….. she’s a Honda Transalp XLV650V6 (2007,
  • I have owned her since 2008 and she is a great little bike.
  • Modifications … Yes to many to list …
  • Since purchasing , I have done 14,000 miles ..
  • The Transalp has a range of about 180 -190 miles.

The map below shows my local area within the ring, most of the Images in this blog have been taken from this area..


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This  first picture is from March 2010 , southbound A93  Near Glen Shee.

Glen Shee
Looking up towards the top of the pass on a very chilly day but as you can see the sun was out.
There is a Ski center at the top and a cafe if you need a stop off for a break.
Looking northwards towards Braemar .
You can see the snow poles in the foreground, just in case you lose the road.
Just off the A93 at the top of the pass..
Looking South down Glen Shee (A93) ..
Glen Shee …
 I am having some issues finding the pictures and remembering the actual roads.
Like this one !  I have no idea where this small road is.
 “I can remember the birds singing and the smell of pine .. “ 
 This is the first picture after I got my transalp.. with a little story behind it.
first pict

As you can see it was a lovely day, warm and tranquil spot. The wind was warm and the piece and quiet of the countryside was stunning. Whilst sitting here for 30 minutes , I glanced down the single track road that went winding down around some more trees . To my surprise a red kite appeared through the trees and started to hover above me , searching the field for a rabbit or a mouse. It hovered back and forth for 10 minutes , then with a flick of its wing soared high into the sky. Using the updrafts it climbed and climbed until nearly out of sight.

I was thinking to myself how lucky I was to be here at this moment.


Ok so back to the roads around here .. 

 This shot is looking north on the B976  it is excellent single track road,
which feels like you are on top of the world.  Its very difficult stopping here as you just want to keep those wheels turning.




Again from the same spot , but looking south now.




And looking West ..  (My Banner Picture)




  The rugged landscape of Scotland,, sometimes just makes you gasp.


If you are passing this area , stop off at Braemar .
There is a Biker Friendly Cafe called “The Hungry Highlander” its right
in the center at a V in the road. Great Fish & Chips , Burgers Etc.
You could even be Piped In like I was……





If you fancy a little sightseeing , go through the village center and take the small road signposted *Lynn of Dee*.

Its a dead end! but 6 miles of great scenery.

There is a car park and toilet at the end of the road.

lyy of dee






Single Track




 Looking up the Glen !




 Sitting by The Dee ..

There is some nice peaceful back roads around here..

These are the roads I like the best ..


It was so hot the tarmac was melting, not like Scotland at all .. LOL


Lost Again..!


What a View… !


 Cool ….. !


 Woooooooo Hoooooooo !


Looking West Towards Pitlochry… Wow  .. .

 Hopefully some more soon, when the weather clears … 

So its not all Rugged Hills and Heather around here.

I took a trip down to south of Aberdeen, down the back roads

into a totally different landscape.  Usually you would zoom past all this on the dual carriageway

But its much nicer on the small twisty roads.




Living in this area all my life ,

It was not until I got my bike that I discovered some fantastic places.

To be continued…..

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