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Written by Harriet Jordan   
The green lanes in our countryside should be available for everyone to ride, right? A petition has been created to stop local authorities and local council highways from closing an unsurfaced road without offering a similar route or facility in its place.

Currently, due to many local authorities closing legal routes, the available number of green lanes in the UK is at a critically low number. The creator of the petition states that this can result in the illegal use of unsuitable lanes without vehicle status.

To prevent authorities from simply closing the routes and worsening the diminutive number of green lanes, the petition demands that, legally, authorities need to provide alternative routes. The petition still needs more signatures to reach the 10,000 mark and gain a response from the government.

Has the closing of green lanes impacted you? Sign the petition and have your say in our comments section, or on our Facebook and Twitter.

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How will they close these lanes? There are n't enough cops to police the roads let alone the lanes. I also think that it matters not how many so call green lane ers shout about it, it will happen. The general public in the UK don't like or want bikes around at all!! I have met folk on legal trails and they still kickoff. So if you win and a lane has legal right of way for motorcycles and the locals don't like it, what will happen? I tell yuh, they will put wire across the trail!! I have found that stealth is the answer, stop riding in groups and stopping talking at every junction oh and stop riding at weekends and you'll be fine. Stop telling people it's local authorities when they are presumably doing what their employers (the local population) are asking them to do.
captinktm , November 29, 2016
Over the years, I have been a trailbike rider, trials bike rider (competitive), mountainbike rider and walker. I still own 2 old trail bikes (Honda XL250S + Yam DT250)and an XR250R Enduro.
I must agree with the previous comments. I was out mountainbiking above Bainbridge in Wensleydale last weekend, when at 9.30 am we came upon a National Park Ranger at the head of a trail. 5 minutes later, the local Policeman arrived. Conversation ensues - 'what are you doing up here early on a cold Sunday morning?' - we ask. We already knew the answer - 'waiting for motorbike/ trailbike riders came the answer'. 20 minutes later we reach the top of our climb and we here the noise on the lower trail. At least a dozen or so traily bikes, sounding as tho' no baffles in exhausts ripping along the valley bottom.
Too many and too noisy!! - sorry lads - I am a trailbike rider, but common sense prevails - you ain't doing yourselves any favours. As above - stealth is the key - a couple of riders - yes. A dozen! NOOOOOOOOO.
goldentrailrider , November 29, 2016
It's all about balance
Agree with comments above. Your last pic illustrates the erosion problems of ignorant 4WD 'recreational use' of green lanes. Only the most diehard environmentalists would have an issue with a couple of trail riders enjoying themselves while showing consideration for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and the environment. Sadly, it's the selfish and inconsiderate minority who let things down for the rest of us, whether it's fleets of 4WDs or large groups of riders tearing around at high speed without baffles. If we want to preserve access to these tracks, we may have to accept some curbs on how we use them.
Tigerjohn , November 30, 2016
Local authorities/ councils don't care about green lanes they are just another item for them to have to deal with therefore their default opinion is to "sort" that problem, easiest to close the lanes.Councils only do what the majority want so sign the petition and get the discussions done. I also think that blaming one group of users 4WD or any other group is detrimental to the argument for keeping lanes open. The point is irresponsible and aggressive use, the same for any road if you want to drive or ride with no regard to the appropriate situation get on a race track. So sign the petition and let the hooligan element know what you think of them.
Dosa , December 01, 2016
Dosa you are missing the point. No one group is being singled out, it matter not to the general public if your bike is whisper quite ( you could argue that it's worse as they don't here you coming) It does not matter if you are TRF or KKK you are on a bike and spoiling their walk end of story. So as with everything else in the UK it's easier to say NO. I found that riding the trails in Cornwall and Devon on a week day by my self I rarely saw anyone at all. As I have said on many times this is a battle we should never have started because we can not win. By organising and forming groups to fight our corner we are just giving the No ways, someone to shout at. You will never convince a Mum and Dad out walking what they see as a local foot path with there children that it is ok for you to share the same trail on a motorbike. It's irrelevant who's got right of way. It strange really, I now live most of my time in Bulgaria. I moved here because of the freedom with which I could ride. But there is is something very different here, you can ride what are marked foot paths and no one gets up tight, in fact most wave and smile. They even hold enduro's on the same paths. You can also ride anywhere, even across fields (no crops) and through the many forests. There just a different attitude. You will never change the attitude of the British public in fact I think it's getting worse. So if your off road riding is has important to you as it is for me then move to Bulgaria! Not everybody though.
captinktm , December 01, 2016

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