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Author: Bryn Davies

Police in Germany are trying to track down a man after he performed a naked burnout in a busy city center over the Christmas period.

German authorities are trying to determine the identity of the nude rider after a video was posted online showing a naked man doing a burnout in a crowded shopping district in Munster, Germany.

The video, which has since been removed from YouTube for violating the sites policy on nudity or sexual content (there are still copies of the video floating around online if you know where to look), shows a man dressed only in boots, gloves and a helmet, riding into a shopping center.

He then performs a burnout on his Yamaha R6 in front of a crowd before riding off.

The video was posted after the rider lost a Facebook bet (on the Baller Boyz Facebook page) in which he said he would do the burnout if he got over 1000 likes on a picture.

 A police spokesperson commented that they consider it a petty offence and that it would be difficult to track down the identity of the rider due to there being no number plate on the bike, but the police ‘would be looking into it regardless’.