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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

In order to keep motorbike insurance premiums down, keeping the motorbike in a locked garage is ideal. The garage will not only keep the motorbike from being an easy target for unscrupulous thieves but it can also keep the bike safe from the elements, helping to preserve your beloved bike for longer. With a lower risk that your bike will be stolen or damaged, insurance companies such as Carole Nash will often offer discounted motorbike insurance rates. Just like protecting your home with a burglar alarm will bring down home insurance prices, so protected your bike from potential thieves will help to reduce motorbike insurance costs.

For some people, however, storing their motorbike simply is not an option. This is often the case if you’re on the road, abroad or live in an apartment or somewhere without a garage. If you travel regularly to really experience the freedom that a motorbike can bring, you can still follow some safety tips while on the road to improve the security of your motorbike. There are normally several places in major cities where you can store a bike overnight, but this can often be rather expensive for the humble biker. In some areas it can often be unwise to even attempt to store bikes in these places, as these types of buildings can sometimes be unlit, un-patrolled and the cover of darkness gives thieves a longer amount of time to work at a lock, with a much lower risk of interruption.

If a bike must be parked and stored on the street, find a spot that is well lit. Make sure the parking space is within direct view from the street, as the more eyes on it, the less chance someone will try to take it. Covering the motorbike is a good idea, and similarly will protect it from any poor weather. If thieves don’t know what kind of bike is under the cover, the risk of theft decreases. Make sure the cover is devoid of any logos or brand names that might give the brand of the bike away to increase your protection against theft. Also, if there is any way to keep the bike locked up using a cable lock, make sure you do: while thieves can still cut some of these, they will be slowed down considerably and effectively deters opportunistic thieves. When locking up a motorbike it’s a good idea to use two different types of locks, as would-be thieves often only bring one type of tool to break through these locks. The second lock reduces the likelihood of a bike being stolen.

By taking a few sensible precautions, you can increase the chance that your motorbike will remain safe and secure, therefore reducing the cost of insurance premiums and leaving you more time to enjoy your bike.