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On the ABR Forum this week: motorcycle seats that won’t hurt your arse

Author: Naomi Dunbar

“After riding a hundred miles or so, my backside felt like I’d just regained consciousness in a Turkish prison, only to discover that I am now called “the pretty one” – I chuckled into my coffee as I read that one in a thread in the ABR Forum yesterday. The thread (and vivid description about his butt related feelings) was started by ABR forum user PADDYTFIELD who is looking for recommendations of motorcycle seats that won’t hurt your arse.

Sometimes, the factory fitted motorcycle seats just don’t cut it when it comes to butt-cheek satisfaction, and having a sore arse is up there with an aching back when you’re trying to enjoy a long distance trip on your two-wheeled pal. It’s not just the comfort either, you can find your arse slipping around on some seats and in others the angle is just all sorts of wrong.

So, here’s the post that kicked discussions off in the thread…

PADDYTFIELD: After riding a hundred miles or so, my backside felt like I’d just regained consciousness in a Turkish prison, only to discover that I am now called “the pretty one”. I ride a 1200 Triumph Tiger Explorer, I’ve tried an Airhawk motorcycle seat and it was horrible, and yes I know it’s meant to be practically deflated but it just didn’t work. I spent a large amount on a Touratech seat which was too slippery and the angle was all wrong,I had the front set to high and the rear set to normal but the seat was too wide and made putting my foot down feel awkward.

At the moment I have a chunk of sheepskin strapped to a Triumph heated seat and it seems to be the best result so far – it has certainly increased my duration between rest stops anyway. I’ve also tried cycle shorts and I’ve just purchased a pair of Motoskivvies (for a price I would normally only pay for underwear that Jessica Alba had previously owned). Any other ideas?

Here’s what the ABR Forum users has to say in some of the replies in the thread…

DavidS: I can, almost literally, feel your pain. A mere 120 miles on my new-to-me Husky 450 on Saturday, with gel padded cycling shorts, was horrendous for the last 20 miles. Many motorcycle seats are, I am sure, designed for style, not comfort. So, I am looking at a bespoke rebuild with wider and comfier padding. Seeing as you’re in north Yorkshire by the looks of it, try Motorcycle Seat Works in Bradford. They rebuilt my KTM 950 SM and 400 EXC seats beautifully.

Herman: I have been riding bikes for quite a bit and not one single bike I have ever owned could I call comfortable for anything over 250 miles. Botox in the arse might work?

RichP: I can thoroughly recommend Bootleg Bike Seats in Preston. They modified the seat on my KTM 500 EXC and I’ve just done a 2000-mile trip around Europe, including a couple of 300-mile days, and it was fine. They were really helpful and very reasonably priced.

Zimtim: As you’ve already got the sheepskin why not get a £5 self inflating stadium seat and put that underneath? Works wonders for me and I find it to be ideal on the KTM, especially on long days.

If you’ve got a recommendation or some advice for PADDYTFIELD, you can reply to him by heading over to the ABR forum and commenting on the thread.