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Author: Alun Davies

A week ago today, as I sat on a sun drenched beach with a cold beer in hand, I was consumed with guilt and anxiety. Try as I may, what should have been a chilled out long weekend in the wonderful Gower Coast peninsula, turned out to be a restless, sleepless trip overshadowed by a festering conscience. I speak of course about leaving my laptop behind and failing to do the weekly round up of MCN. How could I?

With that mia culpa out of the way it’s time for some heavily print stained fingers and a thumb through this weeks MCN whilst paying my dues with a quick nod to last weeks forgotten chores – last weeks MCN was a waste of time, so let’s move on.

The front page of a newspaper or magazine is usually a reflection of the reader the periodical is aimed at and what’s inside. So, on picking up this weeks motorcycle bible it occurred to me that there could be a heavy presence of plasticine modellers buying this week as the cover is dominated by an absurd ‘spy shot’ of the new Ducati Mega Monster which looks like something that’s just come out of a motorcycle shaped jelly mould. And what’s worst, I couldn’t get hold of a front cover scan to show you.

With the Italian company due too release a new cruiser styled V-twin MCN’s over excited designers have taken it a step further in the opening double page spread and constructed what the police would term as a ‘photofit’ from the heavily disguised ‘spy shot’ of what we’re told is a clay mock-up of the bike. Spy shot, my arse. PR for Ducati and teenage journalism; you bet.

With the TT’s almost upon us and MCN’s editor about to do a ‘hero’s’ lap with Rossi it’s predictable (and only right) that there’s a heavy Manx presence between the covers and a special 24 page supplement. There’s also a big love in with the GSXR taking up six pages and a notable lack of adventure and touring.

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So, to sum up; if you’re into fantasising what Italian clay moulds would look like in real life, a TT fan or enjoy pleasuring yourself over pics of GSXR’s you’ll love this weeks MCN.

Marks for adventure and touring coverage – 0

Motorcycle News – What’s in this weeks issue?

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