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Author: Bryn Davies

Moto Legends Distribution has announced that they have agreed terms with Krauser and have become the exclusive UK distributor for the brand.

Moto Legends Managing Director Arthur MacDonald said: “I am extremely pleased to make this announcement. Krauser was the first company to manufacture hard luggage specifically for motorcycle use and has an enviable reputation for quality and innovation. The new Softbag Street range for sportsbikes is perfect for the UK.

We will also be offering a full spares back up service to dealers and end users alike going back as far as the K2 range.”

 “We will be supplying end users and will be looking to support existing Krauser dealers as well as establishing new outlets. There will be a simple price structure for the trade and a clear end user price list.”

Enquiries about Krauser can be made to info@moto-legends.com


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