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Author: Alun Davies

The new Yamaha XT1200Z (the new big twin Tenere) is the strutting, pouting cover girl of MCN’s adventure special issue. Inside, chief test rider Trevor Franklin’s ‘World First Test’ covers 6 pages in which he recounts his experiences with the Tenere at the press launch en route from Toulouse to Madrid via the Pyrenees.

All in all our Trev is impressed but sums up with a verdict that reads as if it’s been subbed by a politician who specialises in trying to please all comers and in the process manages to satisfy none. One day, maybe, we’ll read a verdict that reaches a sharp point rather than having the feel of a blunt instrument.

Anyway, here’s the Adventure Bike Rider World First digest version of the MCN World First Test of the Yamaha 1200 Tenere – it’s a GS beater, though maybe it’s not. It’s expensive, but maybe it’s not. It’s a Yamaha, I can be sure of that.

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