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Author: Jason Ziel

There is a simplicity to financial philosophy. Money in, money out, money in, money out and so on. There are a few painful but necessary outgoings like mortgages, kids, a new boiler in winter and lets add a new one, test riding motorbikes in spring.

Fortunately the drizzle turned to sun on the motorway and by the time I reached the dealership I had perfect weather to take the KTM out, must be fate. It had been out on test already this morning and some other cheeky git had tried to bribe the salesman not to let me take it out and if I did he’d offer more than the asking price! Too late mate.

I’ll keep it brief. Loved it. Bought it. Let the adventures begin.

It should be arriving early next week, which gives me chance to sort some kit out.

See you on the road… Or track… Or somewhere.




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