Author: Naomi Dunbar

KTM introduces update that enables navigation display on TFT dash

KTM my ride app dash

KTM has just released a brand new update to the company’s MY RIDE smartphone app, which enables owners of the 1290 Super Adventure S and R models to benefit from navigation displayed on the TFT dash of their bike. KTM has also stated that the update can be installed on 2017 models that come with the TFT screen (and the best bit), at no extra charge. Nice.

The MY RIDE app is available on both the iTunes and Google Play stores, and will cost you £7.99. The app allows riders to connect their smartphone to any KTM model that features the TFT dash. So, paired with a bluetooth headset or helmet, this means you can enjoy listening to your favourite tunes and also receive calls using the bike’s handlebar-mounted control menu – and now, with the addition of navigation.

As well as displaying a turn-by-turn navigation on the TFT dash, the app also shows the distance to your next turn, the name of the street you’re riding, your arrival time and distance to target on a separate screen next to the speedo. Pretty nifty, right?

To get a feel for the navigation display on the TFT dash, check out the video below from KTM of the app in action…