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Author: Alun Davies

I’m currently running a very complicated social scene with the multiple bikes in my life. Trying to find the time for all involved means there’s just not enough of me to go around and the inevitable has happened, the relationships are breaking down.

As of next Tuesday, the Transalp is going back to her past life with Honda, the newly-bought Tiger is taking time away and going in for an engine rebuild on Wednesday, which means I’m left with my old flame, the Triumph Sprint.

With the arrival of the newer, younger Transalp I’ve been neglecting the old girl over the past five months. She, for her part, has sat there in the garage looking a little sad and forlorn with the battery disconnected and gathering dust. And now that the new flame to enter my life (Tiger) has gone and left me so soon for a re-build, I’m beginning to see the futility in having so many flirtatious relationships and not one of any substance.

So, as of this weekend, I’m going to give the Sprint the love and attention that’s been lacking over the past five months. I’ll be putting all my efforts into cleaning her down, renewing the MOT and spending all my available ride time with her and hopefully she’ll soon be back to her gleaming, purring best. I want a close relationship, one that develops over time into a bond of trust where we both know and understand each other’s faults and flaws. Hello my darling.

Mind you, I’m still casting my eye over eBay and the Tiger’s due back in town in six weeks. What is this ‘exclusive relationship’ thing?