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Author: Paul Jennison

The models

FE 250: The first 250cc 4-stroke model from Husaberg. Swift, manoeuvrable and agile; the FE 250 may be small, but it is far from tame.

FE 350: A return to the Husaberg line-up; in 1991, the FE 350 was Husaberg’s second ever model. The perfect symbiosis of power, endurance and incredible agility.

FE 450: State-of-the-art 4-stroke technology, perfectly packaged in a light and manoeuvrable Enduro chassis. The new engine alone saves an impressive 2 kg inweight. Making the FE 450 the easiest handling 450cc Enduro bike.

FE 501: The return of a legend. It all started at Husaberg in 1989 with the FE 501. The new FE 501 perfectly represents what Husaberg stands for: ultimate ride ability without compromise.

TE 125: Enduro can be this easy. The TE 125 is the perfect combination of maximum power and minimum weight in the smallest displacement class. The ultimate racing machine for the next generation of Enduro riders.

TE 250: It doesn’t always have to be a 4-stroke in the E2 class; the TE 250 is the ultimate proof of that. With lively power delivery, spiced-up performance and a completely new chassis, the TE 250 fears no challenger.

TE 300: With a further improved engine and a new chassis, the TE 300 is now even more powerful and more agile. With its unbeatable power-to-weight ratio, it is the ultimate extreme Enduro bike, as proven in commanding style by Graham Jarvis World Championship trail rider and Extreme Enduro racer.

So that’s the good news for the new 2013 Husaberg model generation. The bad news is the new models will not be available at the dealers until September. To reduce the waiting time, all of the technical details can be studied on the Husaberg website.

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