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Author: Alun Davies

I’m of the view that buying a bike is a far more of an emotional process as opposed to just ticking a list of practical issues. If practical selection were the be all, to end all, then Harley Davidson wouldn’t sell a single machine, the Hayabusa would still be a pipe dream and we’d all be riding around on Honda 90’s and going to bed early.

So what then shall we make of this? Machine Art Design, a US company, has taken a BWM 1200GS and stripped the bike of everything that said ‘adventure’ and produced, well, a motorcycle that ticks all the practical boxes and leaves you emotionally dead. In the 4 wheeled world this would be like setting to work on an open top Jeep to make it look like a Mondeo.

I don’t know about you but when I open the garage door and see the Tiger (I own a Triumph) I see my passport to the world. When I sling a leg over the big cat I get a whiff of African spices and when I ride to Tesco all signs lead to Timbuktu. I’ve a lot of time for designers, and practical it maybe, but I can’t help thinking Machine Art Design have completely missed the point. That trip to the supermarket would just feel like I’m going to buy bog roll. Nice looking bike though,

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