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Author: Alun Davies

It’s well known that Honda has been working on a new V-4 powered motorcycle. Indeed, over the past 6 months MCN, in particular, have come over all James Bondish publishing ‘leaks’ and ‘spy’ photographs which we’re supposed to believe were gained through document drops in a frosty Moscow park and SAS style photography tactics.

The truth is probably far more prosaic, with Honda’s PR team handing over the material to drooling MCN reporters busy kissing ass over a nice cup of tea and a biscuit in a plush office. Never the less, I for one have been waiting for news of the launch and it seams we’re going to get it at the Tokyo Motorcycle show which takes place between Oct 24th and Nov 4th.

What we do now know is that the first of the V-4’s, the VFR1200F, is going to be a ‘sports tourer’ and not a ‘sports superbike’. It’s also going to be the first big displacement machine to come with Dual Clutch Transmission, which will no doubt have thousands of C90 riders whipping out their cheque books. Personally speaking, whilst the new V-4 has grabbed my interest I’m waiting for the next batch of bikes to use the new power plant, and, in particular, the upgrade of the Varadero.


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