Honda updates Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports for 2024

The Honda Africa Twin is one of the best-known adventure bikes, with a lineage that stretches back over 30 years.

Since its resurrection back in 2016, the Africa Twin has become a popular option worldwide for both touring and exploring off-road.

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Now, the Africa Twin and its touring-focused sibling, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports, are receiving multiple updates for 2024, including tubeless tyres.

Here’s what else is new with Honda’s iconic adventure bike.

Redesigned front fairing

Honda has reworked the front profile of both variants of the Africa Twin, for both stylistic and practical reasons.

For the standard Africa Twin, the front has been made slimmer and in Honda’s words, more ‘aggressive’, and it certainly looks the part.

Along with the cosmetic changes, a new, larger five-way adjustable screen now sits at the front of the streamlined bodywork.

For the Africa Twin Adventure Sports, the front fairing has been redesigned to be more ‘muscular and protective’, and it also strongly calls on the design cues of the original Africa Twin.

Engine tweaks

The 1,084cc engine has received some tweaks for 2024 to create extra torque at peak and throughout the range.

To do this, Honda has modified to compression ratio from 10.1:1 to 10.5:1, broadened the diameter of the air intake ducts, and re-tuned the ECU settings.

All this adds up to a 7% increase of peak torque, with 112Nm now available at 5,500rpm compared with the previous models 105Nm at 6,250rpm.

The valve timing has been revised to match the engine’s new tune, and the muffler has also received some updates to make it lighter.

CRF1100L Africa Twin ES

A new option for the Africa Twin also arrives for 2024, which bridges the gap between the standard Africa Twin and the Africa Twin Adventure Sports.

The key feature with the ES model is the fitting of Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (EERA), which delivers different suspension set-ups optimised for various riding conditions at the touch of a button.

The Africa Twin ES also gets heated grips and a 12v power socket.

Africa Twin Adventure Sports

Meanwhile, the Adventure Sports receives some big changes to bolster its touring credentials.

The front wheel, previously 21-inch, is now a sportier 19-inch, with a 20mm reduction in the EERA suspension’s stroke length to match.

This also has the effect of a lowering the seat height to 855/835mm depending on the setting chosen.

The DCT also receives some refinements to its technology to make take-off feel more natural, and as with the standard Africa Twin, tubeless tyres are now fitted.

A new five-level adjustable windscreen is also present, along with an updated seat for comfort.

Colours and prices

The 2024 CRF1100L Africa Twin will be available in Grand Prix Red or Matt Ballistic Black Metallic, while the Africa Twin ES model will come in the previous colours along with Pearl Glare White and Glint Wave Blue Metallic Tricolour.

The Africa Twin Adventure Sports will be available in either Pearl Glare White or Matt Ballistic Black Metallic.

The standard Africa Twin will start from £13,199, with the Africa Twin ES option rising to £14,699.

The 2024 Africa Twin Adventure Sports will be priced at £17,499 for the DCT model, with details of a manual version yet to be announced.