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Author: Peejay


Simplicity is the name of the game so Helmetlok is just that, an outward opening carabineer style lock that is nice and easy to use it features a 3-digit combination lock which utilises the helmet ring or Double D ring fastening on the strap to shackle it to your bike. If you haven’t got the D ring type they also offer a 3mm thick nickel plated steel coil cable to wrap around the chin bar then lock it on.

This could also be used to thread through your jacket sleeves or a bag and then leave the whole lot behind.

For other helmet fasteners there will be an adapter available soon, so all the bases will be covered.
What’s really cool is that the whole thing can be carried in your pocket or clipped to your belt loops.
It’s quite a strong little device and the use of a combination lock is a great idea, well as long as you are ok at remembering numbers! No extra keys to worry about.

The Helmetlok isn’t available in the UK yet but you can get one shipped from Oz, but why not get a few of your mates to all get one and cover the costs?!

In a Line: So simple, why hasn’t it been done before!