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Author: Alun Davies

Edelrid, a company better known for its climbing equipment, is launching a new range of camping stoves and sundry accompaniments – that’s pots and pans to you and me – for 2011.

The ultra lightweight Kiro Ti is made out of titanium and at 72g is sure to have weight conscious adventure bike riding fanatics wetting the bed in anticipation. The spec sheet claims that this tiny flame thrower is capable of boiling one litre of water within three minutes and that the folding pan-feet spread wide enough to hold a three person pot at the ready and steady. The price, £39.95.

A twin set of non-stick pans (560g for the pair)  featuring integral measuring levels and a variety of award winning ultra lightweight cutlery and cooking utensils complete the range.

More info on the complete range is available on the Elderid website.

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