Headline Sponsor

Bridgestone is extremely excited to be a headline sponsor of the ABR Festival, with a high-octane presence planned featuring a free helmet bag or roll bag for anyone who arrives at the event on a motorcycle shod on Bridgestone rubber.

As the sun begins to shine and bikers dust down their kit for a memorable summer on the road, the festival will allow Bridgestone to show off its latest technologies to adventure bikers everywhere, courtesy of four brand new products:

  • Battlax Adventurecross AX41
    This updated trail off-road tyre has been designed to respond to adventure riders’ requirements. Off-road traction has been upgraded and the grip increased through state-of-the-art block design and positioning, while the use of a high-strength compound ensures durability and a long lifespan.

  •  Battlax Adventurecross Scrambler AX41S will also take centre stage, adopting the latest compound technologies and a balanced grip pattern to ensure optimal on-road performance in the dry, with targeted groove positioning that optimises water drainage to deliver confidence and safety in the wet. However, it’s the awesome look of the AX41S with flowing grooves and fluent line tracing that captures the eye and stirs the imagination.

  • Battlax Hypersport S22:
    The Battlax Hypersport S22 allows riders to experience the full extent of their bike’s performance on the road. The design responds to the specific needs of hypersport users: light handling with excellent feedback and cornering performance that allows riders to feel a connection to the road for maximum confidence.

  • Battlecross E50:
    Years of research and meticulous development have resulted in the Battlecross E50. Approved for use in all Enduro competitions, it fully exploits the edge effect of Castle blocks, delivering greater traction on anything from soft to hard, wet terrains.

As if the tyres themselves weren’t exciting enough, Bridgestone will also bring a PS4 console to the event, along with the latest Ride3 game, where record lap times will be rewarded with on-the-spot prizes.

Meanwhile, Bridgestone will have its technical team on-site to check tyre pressures and tread depths.