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Author: Naomi Dunbar

Each year, thousands of bikers flock to Switzerland to get a sweet taste of the tantalising mountain roads it has on offer. The Swiss mountains are famous for offering a kind of rugged scenery like no other, the kind of scenery that will shake you to your very soul. The best part about these mountains are the thrilling passes that snake their way up and down these mighty peaks, and if you haven’t sampled them yet – oh boy, you’re in for a treat. There are many mountain passes in Switzerland to choose from, but a particularly good one (that’ll have you screaming “yeeehaaaaw” into your helmet) is the Grimsel Pass.

Grimsel Pass, Switzerland

Grimsel Pass Switzerland
Photo: Prabhakar Baravkar

The Grimsel Pass crosses the Bernese Alps and rises to a thrilling elevation of 2,164m above sea level and forms part of a great circuit in Switzerland comprising of the Grimsel, Furka and Susten pass.. This pass luxuriously twists and bends through the lusciously green mountain landscape and in the spring, can often be framed by the sight of the glorious peaks kissed by snow. During the months of October through to May, the pass can often be closed due to heavy snow fall, so it’s always advisable to check if it’s open before you head off to avoid any disappointment.

Not only can you admire stunning mountains as you climb ever higher on this tarmacked pass, but you’ll get to witness rich pine forests, glittering reservoir lakes, sweeping valley views, granite rock formations and the smooth curvaceous road before you. The Grimsel Pass truly is a road that will blow your mind.

Grimsel mountain pass
Photo: Andrew and Annemarie

The Grimsel Pass isn’t a particularly challenging or dangerous mountain pass to tackle (unlike the world’s most dangerous roads), however, it’s a road that will fill you with pure joy regardless. This incredible road has some seriously tasty switchbacks, hairpin bends and twisty bits. Though, there are couple of blind bends and unsighted crests to look out for.

The ride back down from the top of the pass can be a little more difficult, so just be careful on your way back down. The road becomes a little less smooth and somewhat narrower, so you’ll need to watch out for oncoming traffic coming around the bends (some of which are blind bends).

All in all, the Grimsel Pass is a fantastic bit of riding and it certainly needs to be added to your bucket list. You can read up on more of Switzerland’s mountain passes on our website, such as the Maloja Pass and the Furka Pass.