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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

Ex-hairdresser Sue took up motorcycling in 1998. She bought her first bike ages 55, a Sportster 883 cc, and now rides a Harley Davidson Low Rider 1450cc. She’s already travelled over 100,000 miles across Europe and Britain as part of the Harley-Davidson Owners Group (HOG). “From day one people really helped and encouraged me. They picked my bike up when I fell off it – usually in car parks – which I did quite often,” says Sue. “The Harley Davidson lifestyle in the seven years since I’ve been riding has completely changed my life. It is just brilliant.”

Sue will be waving goodbye to two grown-up sons and her four-year-old grandson when she departs for her trip as soon as her house is sold, “I can travel a long way and see a lot of the world with the proceeds from the sale, and if I can stretch the money out and make it last for eight or 10 years then so much the better,” she says.“You only live once. When I’m sitting in an old people’s home I want to remember, if I can remember, where I’ve been. There’s no point sitting in this house which is costing me a fortune to keep. I’d rather ride my bike round the world. That’s much better”


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