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Author: Alun Davies

It’s the start of the motorcycle touring season when thousands of Brits pack on up and ride on out over to the continent. And the good news is, the £ in your pocket hit an 18 month high against the Euro yesterday, which in lay mans terms means…more beer money.

Talk to someone who toured in the EU zone last year and they’ll no doubt tell you tales of financial woe as sterling looked to be heading towards parity with the Euro. Today the £ buys you 1.21 Euro and the word on the street is that it’s likely to move higher in the short to medium term as the Euro Zone battles with the financial irregularities between its member states.

As an aside, it’s going to be interesting to see what knock on effect the upward movement in the £ will have on the price of new motorcycles in the dealers. Talking to both Japanese and European manufacturers and importers over the few past months has revealed that it’s been the strength of the Euro against the pound that has pushed UK prices up, so presumably that upward pressure on imports is easing.

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