'High Side' French Motorcycle TV Programme.

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'High Side' French Motorcycle TV Programme.

Post by WIBO » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:24 am

As it's been hosing down for ages (and still is) I thought I'd mention Channel 24 RMC Découverte which is a channel to while away the time if you're stuck/bored/locked in by the weather or brealdown etc in France.

The High Side programme is Top Gear style, audience in a hangar copy, moto show and is on every Wednesday evening. Same tomfoolery occurs.

Last night they tested the Triumph Thruxton, Multistrada, old scooters for a laugh to include trying to wheelie them before falling off and they have workshop tutorials thrown in too.

They have celebrities who are into bikes scooting around the track too.

You'll find all sorts of car stuff there too.


http://rmcdecouverte.bfmtv.com/mediapla ... %20TERRAIN

For info


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