Polite or Un-Polite you choose

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Re: Polite or Un-Polite you choose

Post by ChasF » Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:30 pm

Riders have been giving bikes and bike riders a bad name ever since motorcycles were invented. Who cares! Just do your own thing and let others get on with their's. If you feel the need to wear dayglo vest then do you don't need to make a statement as to your politeness or otherwise. If you want to ride like an idiot, again it's your life just get on with it without endangering anyone else.

I almost always carry a pilion so choose to ride very cautiously but I don't feel the need for a dayglo vest I just assume that I'm invisible to other road users and ride accordingly. To me it's a layer of protection which makes the rider complacent and when the inevitable happens turning round and saying why didn't you see me I was wearing a dayglo vest does nothing to fix your injuries

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Re: Polite or Un-Polite you choose

Post by James_Death » Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:19 pm

A white pan with batten burg reflective pattern white helmet etc is highly likely to get pulled and booked for impersonating an officer.

The Police view is the vest is generally ok but when they go to lengths to look like an officer they will nick them.

From what a few officers have said anyway.

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