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Re: Secret Santa

Post by AndyB » Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:57 pm

fatowl wrote:
AndyB wrote:My wife always buys a secret santa gift and I never have understood the reasoning behind it :unsure:

I'm such a miserable bastard that I refuse to go to our company xmas dinner where they pay for the hotel, meal and all booze for the two of us because there are people I work with that I have to be paid to be in the same place as them (thumbs)
The expression you're looking for is :
"It's bad enough I have to work with you, without having to socialise with you as well."
Guaranteed to make friends !
They've been told more than once. Because I work away from home and have to spend weeks at a time in the same hotel as other workers I've been forced to tell some of them that they can complain about things when we're at work but please don't bring it down the pub. The problem is that I'm normally a bit less polite and I've been known to have them moved to a different hotel if they ignore me. Yes, I'm the boss :)

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Re: Secret Santa

Post by sprintster » Wed Dec 02, 2015 6:11 pm

We've been told at work that if we don't go to the Xmas party in the afternoon we won't get paid.Not that I give a [email protected]#k though,as due to them ballsing up the holiday dates I'll be riding a bike around Madeira that day! :laugh: B)

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