Shark evo one??

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Shark evo one??

Post by gland » Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:22 pm

anyone wear a shark evo one?? whats it like?. Also anyone happen to have fitted a sena S20 to one, did it go on without snagging flip over mechanism?.

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Re: Shark evo one??

Post by climberphill » Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:56 am

I love mine, pretty quite, comfy and robust, had mine about 5 years, just replaced the neck role as the fiberglass piece had broken when I removed it for cleaning
ive got speakers in the ear sections which needed a bit of cutting out to accommodate
only issues I have with it are the sun visor is a bit short, it doesent quite come down far enough for me - and in the rain - rain drops somehow get in at the top of the visor! - never been able to find out how as it has a rubber strip across the top which is in contact and tight- but somehow you do get some rain in (when it is heavy-ish rain) its great being able to easily open the chin piece up when riding - I use it more open face than closed, got newer one for my wife which has a better sun visor - think that was a evoline 2?
hope this helps

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Re: Shark evo one??

Post by hotbulb » Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:34 am

The Evo One is, I think, the latest of the flip helmets from Shark. I have the Evoline 3, its predecessor, which is fine, used both open and closed ... probably a bit noisier than my full-face Shark S900. Not noticeably heavier, though. I fitted a "cheapo" bluetooth intercom to the Evoline 3 without difficulty, and it didn't foul the lift-up mechanism (which is very similar to the Evo One setup, I think. It's not currently on the helmet... I've not yet attacked the liner to fit the earpieces so that I can use it with my "custom" earplugs ... would be Ok as it is without the earplugs, though. My Evoline is a bit bulky and a tight fit in the top box - the Evo One is, I understand a bit slimmer in the shell, and less bulbous.

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Re: Shark evo one??

Post by Trev » Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:48 am

The Evo one looks like a development of the Evoline 3 that I have (and a reason the hike the price a fair bit!) and ditto comments from hotbulb regarding that.
I would add that the Evoline 3 is usable in 'flipped open' mode at surprisingly high speeds with just the visor down without too much wind blast or noise. ON a recent two week trip around France (in sweltering conditions) I really only had it as full face in the one day of heavy rain and for the few inevitable hours of highish speed (160kmh+) of motorway work.
Not the quietest helmet in the world and does let water in (not sure where from?) in heavy rain but if the Evo One improves on this and adds the pinlcok then sounds like a good step forward,

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Re: Shark evo one??

Post by Moorso » Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:09 pm

My understanding is that there were problems with the Evo One....something to do with the visor scratching. UK GSr reported them.

I have an Evoline 3 that I am very happy with - upgraded to that from an Evoline 2. There are compromises...but for me the modular system is the best of all worlds.
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