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Re: Guzzi V85TT

Post by nathanm » Fri Dec 20, 2019 3:30 pm

Cheers Tink. Yeah I've got a couple of UK trips planned for it and a coast to coast US trip in August.

I looked at a T7, a Vstrom 1050 and an AJP PR7 but the main riding I'll be doing is road stuff (I'll be keeping the Himalayan for falling off in the mud), so that ruled out the AJP and the T7 I just felt was maybe not the right bike for what I needed. I liked that the Guzzi is shaft drive and has cruise control. It also looks a comfier place to sit than the T7. And from what I've seen it'll handle moderately rough stuff pretty well. So for the bits of dirt we'll be doing in the US it'll be fine.

I ruled the Vstrom 1050 out just because I've done plenty of miles on the 1000 and I guess when it came to putting a chunk of money into a bike I just wanted something a bit different.

I was a bit surprised by servicing costs. A bit higher than I was expecting at around £280 for the 6k and almost £500 for the 12k. Seems a lot for air cooled with tappets. That was our local dealer so will shop around.

What sealed the deal was that Colchester Kawasaki were selling them for £9500, almost £1500 off list, so I figured I can move it on at the end of the year and not lose a great deal on depreciation, that's if the discounts on new are a bit of a one off.

And definitely, red's the fastest by far!

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Re: Guzzi V85TT

Post by Helicoptermanr22 » Fri Dec 20, 2019 9:00 pm

I really like them, different from the norm and stand out as being a little risque but thats the appeal, they sound really nice.

Ref off road Ive seen a chap throwing his around an old moto x circuit and it certainly didnt look out of place at all.

Good luck with your new toy!!

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