CRF250L .... Opinions?????

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Re: CRF250L .... Opinions?????

Post by P4ulie » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:55 pm

Certainly hold their value, mine was £3800 when I bought it Dec 2014. I use mine mainly for commuting, which it excels at. I put oil & unleaded in, adjust bits now & then, change the odd part when it wears out & been doing that with minimal fuss for 46000 miles.

It's neither fast nor slow, very stable & will hold 70 mph without much complaint, probably a bit boring but steady & reliable means you rarely arrive home via a recovery truck. Good mpg & cheap to maintain. I like mine a lot & would consider buying another when it finally gives up the ghost.

I would recommend raising the budget & looking at a 2017, I think the bhp is upped by about 6 or 7 which must make a huge difference
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CRF250L .... Opinions?????

Post by tempesc » Sat Jan 26, 2019 6:42 pm

Cone wrote:I test rode one. I think Gary summed it up well enough with Detuned engine. If your use to power it may not be for you but it you just want it for pottering around trails it sounds ideal.

I test rode it and it wasn't for me, I like to be able to use the power if I need to and it just wasn't there... :(
I test rode one today and agree - a good value bike but it wasn’t for me either. I’m no hooligan but on the trail i want to be able to use the throttle to get me out of trouble at times - which felt like it would not be an option on this bike.

Smooth up to 65 mph and comfortable though.

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Re: CRF250L .... Opinions?????

Post by ggp59 » Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:07 am

There are a lot of people on here with much more experience of these bike's who can give far better info on them than I can.
But would say it might be best not to make a decision after a very short test ride.

It took me quite a few hundered miles to stop thinking I'd made a big mistake and lumbered myself with an underpowered, undersuspended slightly rubbish bike!
Ride it long enough and it's all round 'adaquate at everything' ability (whilst that doesn't sound very exciting) will hopefully grow on you like it does everyone else who owns and loves them 👍

I know I've got a few better on paper bikes in the garage that just don't get used much anymore!

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Re: CRF250L .... Opinions?????

Post by WillS » Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:55 am

Purchased a 2013 CRF250L approx 18 months ago, and have no regrets at all.
A great little bike for the trails, TET, also really ok on the road between the trails and getting there and back.
The bike was already modified with the FMF exhaust and Bomb, with the EJC kit.
This really seems to change the power and torque especially with a 13 front sprocket.
Still on the standard clutch and suspension.
Have done a few thousand km on the RB1, RB5 including a 12 day adventure on the TET around the French and Spanish Pyrenees.
I use the Kriega soft throw over panniers for luggage and the tent on the rear rack if needed.
Carry an extra 2Ltr of fuel but never needed it "yet" bike does around 180/200km on the standard tank (7.7Ltr)
My opinion is it's a good little all round dual-sport bike.
You will not be disappointed.....

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Re: CRF250L .... Opinions?????

Post by HarveyCamm » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:59 am

I love mine (2015 plate, 9000 miles, owned from new) , it's required next to no repairs apart from a fork seal which went while I was riding it in the MCC Lands End trial.
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I'm no lightweight but I find the stock suspension OK - it's not the limiting factor in our partnership :roll: I have turned up the preload a couple of turns recently and I like the improvement but I'm not about to spend a load of money on new shocks.
I'd say they're well worth a punt and if you don't like it then I doubt you're going to lose much if you sell it on.

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