Newer isn't always better

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Re: Newer isn't always better

Post by jonny955 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:46 pm

bigfoot wrote:Hi All

recently the Wife and I flew out to New Zealand and rode both islands for 4 weeks. While there we hired 2 (nearly new) Triumph Tiger 800XC's.

The bikes were superb - and I started to get that new bike itch (as did the wife).

Fast forward to getting home and my 2008 DL1000 was due for an MOT, so out I went in the January cold.

Then the realisation - I've had the bike that long that everything that can be changed to suit me has. I was far comfier on it and everything seemed to be were it needed to be.

Also, any little glitches I've ironed out.

I started thinking, to but something new would take a small fortune and time to get something as good as I've got now. So it's staying!!

Worried that I may still have to fork out for a new bike for her ladyship, I was relieved that, when she took her helmet off, her massive grin and words of "I wish I took this (650 v strom) to New Zealand" would save me a small fortune.

And I have to say, that is one of the best feelings ever :)

Anyone else had this?
Great post!

When I had my 990 Adventure(s), I test rode the brand new 1190 Adventure and it blew me away but I didn't want to spend that much after just buying the 990. I also preferred the more off-road nature of the 990 at the time.

Fast forward a couple of years. I now had my current big ADV (Moto Guzzi Stelvio) and popped along to Box Hill where KTM had some test bikes. It turned out they had the 1190 Adventure R model available straight away so I jumped at it. Yes, the bike had bonkers power but much to my surprise, I was relieved to get back on the Stelvio afterwards. I love the excitement of KTMs so this really surprised me and I still can't explain it other than the Moto Guzzi has got under my skin.

Back in the 80s and 90s I had Moto Guzzis so maybe there is something deep going on :). I couldn't give a toss about the on-paper characteristics, some of which are wins, some of which are losses. The Guzzi puts a smile on my face every time I ride it.


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Re: Newer isn't always better

Post by The Sarge » Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:52 am

This is a great thread and it had me thinking awhile before replying.

It answered a lot of questions as to why I frequently change my bikes ? In short I just tire of bikes very quickly, and throwing a leg over a new machine or a different machine is a financial fatality to me and a bonus bonanza to the vendor. As we all know, there is no perfect 'do it all' bike, getting close and being content is the answer and there lies my problem, I am never 100% content. The reason being ? well as we grow older and our circumstances, needs, desires and opportunities change, so too does the regard to our chosen mount. And so the search continues, attempting to limit or avoid financial deficit at every turn. The result has been that In the past 5 years I have gone from XRV 750 to DL1000 to R1150GS to KTM 990 to CCM GP450 and these are the Adventure bikes, my Offroad bike list is worse! And all the while my Mrs just sighs and says '" so is this final 'the' one dear? " and before its in the garage, cooled down I am already dissecting and scrutinising what I could, and doubtless will change too :pinch: :pinch:


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Re: Newer isn't always better

Post by BIG BILL » Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:55 pm

And that is the age old question. WHY?
Why don't we all wear Blue, drive red BMW's like the same food etc.
Easy, because we are all different.
Some like to change just because it's the latest model or just the fact it's new.
Some like to get a bargain and keep forever just to get their moneys worth.
Some because of the brand or looks/reviews.
some because, and like me, think some bikes/engines have soul.(Tiger 955i) (my opinion) :whistle: coz they do.
We will always disagree with each other and that's a good thing and keeps sites like this going, no fun if we all say "yes I agree with that".
Just don't take offence we all have the same hobby/lifestyle BIKES.

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Re: Newer isn't always better

Post by garyboy » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:57 pm

huh .. all this philosophy ;)

just get a big Honda road bike B) and a small Honda trail bike. B)
[both new]
job jobbed (thumbs)

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Re: Newer isn't always better

Post by 92kk k100lt 193214 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:08 pm

Last few days spent on doing some serious work on my 84 K100RT. New rear engine seal which was leaking, known issue on these and decided to do all the seals and other bits and pieces while in there. At 77,000 miles, the clutch plate was clearly original as it was marked 7/84 and it was worn down to about 5,000 miles left in it. All splines are now lubed but were in amazing condition and no unexpected glitches. I also ordered a few cosmetic items as things like exhaust heat shield needed tidying up.

Its now good for many more years, having previously done head bearings and water pump.

Its easy to have confidence in an older bike if you know what has been done and if it fits I have no wish to change it.

Yes I love newer ones too but the idea that you can do £5-10,000 damage in a low speed slide hurts and the idea that someone can simply steal it hurts even more.
1992 K100LT since June 2010 110,000 miles
1984 K100RT since July 2013 36,000 miles now going on 90,000 miles.
1997 K1100LT SE since Oct 2017 59,000 miles now 103,500 miles
1983 K100RS 29,000 since 2019 miles now 36,400 miles and parked in Spain.

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Re: Newer isn't always better

Post by robson » Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:05 pm

thanks to EU and growing greed of companies every newer bike or car will not be better but worse then the predecessor, guaranteed.

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Re: Newer isn't always better

Post by Dirk » Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:57 pm

I remember. I think some time in the early 90's reading story in a mag describing a dystopian future where petrol vehicles were banned and everyone had been going around in seriously crippled little electric cages for the past couple of decades.
even the police were making do with just slightly faster electric bimblers.

The young lad in the story got talking to his grandfather, who it turned out had a beutifully maintained 70's jap four pot inline (can't remember but think a big Kwaka-Z engine), stuck in some old chopped frame.
once They'd secured a supply of Petrol They had a great time outrunning the old bill in second gear and being generaly cool and free

The Mag might have been BIKE, all a blur back then really

......Science fiction it was :whistle:

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Re: Newer isn't always better

Post by jkay » Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:13 am

I really want to like newer but my old(2002)Fazer thou really is a a first and last do it all bike for me

PS needs a few mods added first ;)

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Re: Newer isn't always better

Post by hondated » Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:13 pm

At last years HU Germany meeting amongst all the glittering machinery my favourite bike was an old Varadero owned by a Belgium fella and he had adapted it to fit his needs. Some of the stuff he had done was pure genius. He had paid very little for it and I suppose given he had painted it as matt black it could be described as a rat bike but he proved you needn't spend a fortune to get a bike you love.
As for me I keep looking at new GSes KTMs RTs but apparently SWMBO as told me I cant afford it so I will stick with my 09 GS but to be honest I love it so its not a problem.

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Re: Newer isn't always better

Post by macvisual » Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:33 am

Similar story here.

I bought a brand new V-Strom DL1000GT in 2008, still own it alright, but over the past few years I thought about a change and test rode quite a few bikes (GTR-1400 - Crosstourer - Pan ST1300 - Yam MT09) etc, then when I threw my leg over the trusty V-Strom at the bike dealers to ride home I thought and shouted out loud "what am i thinking of".

wow, my Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 ticks all the boxes and is so comfortable etc....I really couldn't part with it to be brutally honest...!
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