And Your Next Bike Will Be..........

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And Your Next Bike Will Be..........

Post by SteveW » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:06 am

I am pretty happy with my bikes.
But, thinking about my "Main" road only bike. I've kind of made my mind up, in view of the fact that. 1000cc+ "Adventure" bikes are now Sports Tourers, I thought why piss about? Keep the GS800 for mixed road trips and get a Goldwing or possibly a BMW 1600 for road use.
Not just yet, but in 18 months/2 years time.
Mostly we're happy with what we've got, but at the same time we've got a potential future bike at the back of our minds.....what's your's?

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Re: And Your Next Bike Will Be..........

Post by picos mestizo » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:18 am

At the moment I have a low mileage MK1 650 Versys which I do about 3000miles a year on most of which are circumnavigating Europes Mountain Ranges & Gorges.
I love it to bits & as a roadie it does everything I ask of it.
I would love an Africa Twin which may happen over the next 2 years.
I may also buy an early low mileage ER6 which I will modify to suit my riding requirements.
Lightness, 19 front wheel being two of the mods.
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And Your Next Bike Will Be..........

Post by johnnyboxer » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:19 am

Been there & done that with road based tourers like VFR's and Pans/RT's

Trouble is - they're great on A roads & m/ways to get somewhere, but once you get to the Alps or somewhere you want it to morph into a GSA, which are much more fun & versatile in the mountains

Acres of plastic fairing & gadgets - no thanks, what lumps of lard
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Re: And Your Next Bike Will Be..........

Post by Tonibe63 » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:33 am

Probably a naked 90's Jap 4 cylinder for Sunday breakfast club meetings, probably 500-750cc and not too precious to cut about a bit :evil:
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Re: And Your Next Bike Will Be..........

Post by AndyB » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:38 am

Unless my ability to resist temptation suddenly improves its probably going to be a KTM 1290 SuperDuke GT.

It's got a fairly upright riding position, as much of a fairing as my 1190 and I won't get dickheads telling me I don't need anything over 100bhp on an adventure bike (thumbs)

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Re: And Your Next Bike Will Be..........

Post by coyotedave » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:56 am

For solo riding there is a great choice of bikes from 125s to1000cc +.

For 2 up riding you have to consider what works for both of you.

My 1200GS works great for 2 up.

My 800ADV while still a good 2 up bike lacks that bit of punch.

I would consider a 1200RT for 2 up riding when I retire the GS. Oceans of plastic maybe but ( lardy ) they are not.

Will see what's about in a couple of years time.

Cheers Dave.

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Re: And Your Next Bike Will Be..........

Post by sven » Thu Dec 31, 2015 9:01 am

The old 1100/1150 RT were lardy, but my 1200 RT handled better than my GS when fully loaded with the missus and a fortnights luggage. The centre of gravity was much lower and further forward. It was also great on bumpy narrow little backroads in the Lakes and Dales.

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However, It wasn't as much fun solo though and it looked like an old mans bike, which is why I replaced mine with a GS LC (thumbs)
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I'm struggling to think of a bike which I'd prefer as it does everything I need. The only bike I'm seriously considering is the S1000XR :evil: Oh, and adding a Vespa GTS300 to the collection :blush:
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Re: And Your Next Bike Will Be..........

Post by Will » Thu Dec 31, 2015 9:04 am

A BSA A10 or Ariel huntmaster just for some fun riding round Cotswolds I will get more modern bike for trips bit further away , although saying that would love to ride BSA round Scottish islands
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And Your Next Bike Will Be..........

Post by -Ralph- » Thu Dec 31, 2015 9:06 am

Next bike purchase will be a green laner. 450cc Road legal Enduro.

No idea on the road bikes. Daytona 955i isnt depreciating anymore, and at 9 years old its still immaculate so no point selling that.

I'm doing so much mileage on my Tiger Sport, mostly in UK rush hour traffic, that I either have to keep it as long as it lasts or write off any value it had when I buy a new bike. Average mileage is 4000 a year due to all the people that have bikes as toys for sunny Sundays and holidays nowadays, so nobody wants to buy one that's averaging 3-4 times that.

So I'll likely keep my Tiger Sport until either it becomes a problem from a reliability perspective, or my son hits an age where he's doing long trips with me on pillion, or he's staying home while the wife does those trips.

I like the high seating position of an adventure bike, but more pillion and luggage space will be my needs, so perversely given the OP, I'll be getting a bigger adventure bike when the time comes.

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Re: And Your Next Bike Will Be..........

Post by peterpan241 » Thu Dec 31, 2015 9:08 am

I'm torn between a Suzuki DR650SE or a CCM 404/644 instead of my XR400, which would be considerably lighter for very mild trail riding here, Spain & Morocco, than my trusty Africa Twin but would still be able to cover 400 road miles if needed. I don't use my '97 1500 Goldwing enough to justify an 1800 at the moment. My '93 CBR1000F is more than enough fun for my limited abilities and for what it costs.
It was an easy choice buying a second bike and easy to justify but a third starts to get complicated. I suppose sell all 3 and get a new Africa Twin but I'm not a new bike person.
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