There's a moose loose.

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Richard Simpson Mark II
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Re: There's a moose loose.

Post by Richard Simpson Mark II » Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:45 pm

Just as a matter of interest....what gearing do you have on your 404 that makes 70 mph possible on a motorway without the piston coming up through the tank?

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The Sarge
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Re: There's a moose loose.

Post by The Sarge » Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:51 pm

Here's what happens if you ride them hard and don't lube them properly :pinch:

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Re: There's a moose loose.

Post by Mike101 » Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:17 pm

Richard Simpson Mark II wrote:Just as a matter of interest....what gearing do you have on your 404 that makes 70 mph possible on a motorway without the piston coming up through the tank?

Not sure yet but it will sit at 70 easily without any issues.

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Re: There's a moose loose.

Post by bowber » Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:35 pm

Normal tubes and around 20 psi, I never bother letting my tyres down and the only punctures I've had have been from objects puncturing the tube, about twice in 30+ years of trail riding and enduro, I've hit rocks hard enough to bend the rim on a 450EXC and be able to see the tube, still no puncture, same on my 950Adv

Rob 110
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Re: There's a moose loose.

Post by Rob 110 » Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:22 pm

it's all down to luck with tubes. i always ran 4mm UHD Conti tubes, but still got punctures in Wales and Morocco the last was a spate of 3 in a row (one on an event) so went to mousses +6yrs ago Have used mousses of all types, but Michelin are best, alhough some have had issues with the brand in last yr or so (bad batch?) I would get about 1yr/120hrs/2-3000miles from a pair, which included 6 rallies and loads of trail riding. Used loads of lube and stayed at 60mph on the road with no sections longer than 10-15miles tarmac. Mousses are great if you want total protection from punctures, but are happy to accept they are hard feel to start with, then go nice, then go soft. If you do long high speed road work, you will kill them quick, especially if theyre older. fitting mousses is easy with practice/lube/levers/tyre ring and takes no longer than a tube really I recently have started with Tubliss Gen2. Instantly it feels better than mousses. I set it at 10psi and more feel/grip, especially on the front under braking on loose gravel/snot. Yes i can still get a puncture (hoepfully less likely than with tubes), but the advantage that the whole tyre will stay on the rim fully gripped unlike with just a rimlock. And if the inner bladder fails too, the rimlock will act in the way a normal tube/rimlock set up would; ie get you home at snail pace i ran a 404 for 4/5yrs including racing ATRC rally series with mousses. Sounds like you should stick to UHD tubes or Tubliss. I ran 13/48 and found 85mph possible, 70mph cruise was fine I sometimes had it on the limiter in 5th for 1 mile or so on Kielder rally :D this may help you decide:
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