Pilot Road 4 Trail on a S10?

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Milo Tighfield
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Re: Pilot Road 4 Trail on a S10?

Post by Milo Tighfield » Tue May 02, 2017 9:25 pm

I dont have an S10 however I have a GS with Michelin Pilot Road 4 Trail fitted. It previously had Anakee 2 on it and as far as I was concerned were brilliant. I had the PR4s fitted last week and I am currently touring around NW Scotland (Ullapool). I am more than happy with the tyres in both wet and dry weather. The weather in Ullapool over the last couple of days has been dry and sunny, the tyres have made the roads rather enjoyable. (thumbs) :)

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Pilot Road 4 Trail on a S10?

Post by tempesc » Tue May 02, 2017 9:51 pm

I appreciate tyres are a subjective subject but i'd value your thoughts.

I have a '14 S10 on OE tyres that now need changing. I don't use this bike off road but do tour so want good grip on alpine type roads and decent durability so they don't square off getting there.

I am leaning towards Pilot Road 4 Trails. I ran Anakees (2 and then 3) on my last bike which seemed ok and have not has issues with the OE tyres on the S10 (Bridgestone BW's I think). I therefore have no feel for the pros and cons of a 100% road tyre vs 80/20 one.

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Re: Pilot Road 4 Trail on a S10?

Post by gooseneck » Wed May 03, 2017 7:35 am

Pilot road 4's are a good tyre, very good on wet roads, offering braking and cornering grip.
the trail version is not so good as a rear tyre on a powerful or heavy bike, as it wears fast..go for the road version on the back.

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Re: Pilot Road 4 Trail on a S10?

Post by chipy » Wed May 03, 2017 8:47 am

I have Anakee 3 on mine. on the 6th rear now usually get about 8500 miles to the rear and 9500 to the front cant fault them at all for grip
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Re: Pilot Road 4 Trail on a S10?

Post by Alan29 » Wed May 03, 2017 8:58 am

Got them on my Varadero. Excellent two up fully loaded in all weathers on the road - had some proper rain in Germany last year - no worries. Corner like a train!
Terrible on grass etc.

Oop North John
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Re: Pilot Road 4 Trail on a S10?

Post by Oop North John » Wed May 03, 2017 11:03 am

11 months ago I asked Michelin about the Trail etc versions of the PR4, this is the response from their 2 wheeled product manager:

I've seen some misinformation and uninformed opinions over the Trail, Standard and GT fitments with the Pilot Road 4 on forums, and in fact responded to a request from a GS forum for clarity and advice only last night. The variety of tyres available in the Pilot Road 4 range are not designed to give a greater choice to riders, but to ensure optimum performance on specific bikes - hence our recommendations for the bikes they should go on.

We don't have any comparative information on the mileage for the different versions as we don't mileage check tyres on fitments that we don't recommend. Comparing different tyres on different bikes also gives no meaningful results as the demands on the tyres vary from bike type to bike type - which is why in part we have made different versions of the Road 4.

It seems logical to suggest that using softer tread compounds would decrease mileage potential and vice versa. If this were the only difference in the tyre that could be true. But the tread compounds are not the only difference between the tyres. If you introduce a change to the carcass construction you make a change to the relationship between the tyre and road. Just one example of such a change can be in the contact patch. The carcass construction affects the size, shape, pressure and uniformity of the contact patch, and the size, shape, pressure and uniformity of the contact patch directly effect how the tyre grips and wears. The compounds selected and their distribution on the tyre are engineered to work with the carcass construction used, so a tyre with a harder tread compound can produce less grip and so more slippage and wear more quickly than if a softer, better suited compound is used.

Our fitment recommendations are bike and usage specific and not based on tyre size alone. We may make the right size tyre in the appropriate load and speed index but this does not mean we recommend fitting it.

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