Peak District ride-out 9/10/11

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Peak District ride-out 9/10/11

Post by bond_yzf » Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:50 pm

Well i will start by saying a big thanks to ack ack for taking the time to plan a route was a great day and an adventure to say the least :laugh:

Me and as good buddy decided to take in some peak district green lanes, me on a xt660z and my mate on his xtz660....

We leave sunday morning around 7.30am and take a relaxed un-eventful ride up to the yonderman cafe (when i say un-eventful i will say seeing an adult swingers hotel advertised on the side of the a5 was a bit of a shock :ohmy: ),arrive at the yonderman and tuck into a "biggest" brekkie (my highlight of the day:laugh: ).Leave the cafe and its the first lane no probs on the tourances and loving every minute of it !!!! especially when jumbo my mate decided to take a plunge into a grass bank :laugh: no damage done well nothing that couldnt be fixed with a spanner.
By this time we had probally done half the route and it was getting rather wet and the tourances werent holding up that well on some of the uphill sections especially the polished rocks,so we decided to call it a day and head back this is where the fun began,get past Chatsworth house and BANG my rear tyre pretty much instantly goes pop and almost has me off,manage to get it to the side of the road which was pretty much a single track.

Ok i will admit im an eejitt i had no repair kit so it was the rac coming to the rescue only prob was not even my satnav or gps knew where we where :laugh: so after a lot of second guessing to some women at the rac we flagged a car down and found out where in hell we where,so almost 3 hrs later im rescued and we set off with me mate jumbo follwing us behind.Half way down the m1 i say to the driver "do us a favour dude pull into the services so i can check how much fuel me mate has" as we pull off my mate carrys on.ok im thinking he must have enough to get back to northampton so we rejoin the m1 and carry on.

About 10 miles later all of a sudden the traffic ahead suddenly starts to brake and comes to a crawl and the nice rac man says " oh dear i thinbk your mate is sitting in the central reservation" to cut a long story short the bike had run out of fuel in the outside lane without any warning and he had to swing into the central reservation.we couldnt pull over so the police gave him a free recovery to a fuel station on the a5.

So after a 12hr round trip we finally arrive home completely knackered :laugh: saying how much of an awsome day it was !!!

Tip of the day : Puncture repair kit and check your fuel :blush:


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Re: Peak District ride-out 9/10/11

Post by AckAckFlack » Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:39 pm

Fantastic Adventure - not quite what you had planned I know but a great adventure anyway.

I think you need to both have a Big Bike Rough Road sticker

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Once you have joined go to ... wards.html . And check out those that have already got them.

I will definitely be inviting you both the next time I have a run out - even if it is just for entertainment value heheheheheh
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Re: Peak District ride-out 9/10/11

Post by Antarcticjum » Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:06 pm

It was a quality day,the best fun I've ever had on a bike that I only paid a desperate student £500 for. Oh yeah thanks him for letting everyone know I ran out of fuel.
Next time I'm going to fill up before we leave the peaks and I'm already looking for some better tyres.
Tip top day cheers jim and cheers ack ack for sorting the route

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Re: Peak District ride-out 9/10/11

Post by beddowsm » Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:46 pm

Nice one lads....made me laugh!! Next time, better tyres, some spares!!! and take more photos!

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