Route des grandes alpes

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Re: Route des grandes alpes

Post by Boo Cock » Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:08 pm

Do just what we did. Down one way and up the other. OR Go back a slightly different route and take in the route you missed before. And remember, there is no bad routes in that area. I would advise not to do the Bonnet too early in the day. 8am in august AND WE HAD SIX INCH LONG ICEICLES on the side of the road. (thumbs)

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Re: Route des grandes alpes

Post by Peirre » Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:15 am

My ride up La Bonnet

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Route des grandes alpes

Post by tempesc » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:51 am

Alan29 wrote:I'm thinking of doing RDGA as possibly my last big alpine trip .... well I am 67.
Looking on streetview a lot of it seems to be single track. Is that right? Pillion friendly will all the luggage? Or better solo and light?
I wouldn't want to rush it, whats the point? So is three days comfortable riding 10-5 ish?
All hints gratefully received.
Background ....Did the Grossglockener last year and the French Pyrenees (usual cols) the year before two up on the Varadero.
Hi Alan you'll be fine either way. It is tarred country lane type stuff, no worse, and no problems with a pillion. Stunning route too. Think you'll need more than 3 days to do it justice though. Been a while since i last did it but we ride pretty full days.

If you start at Thonon-le-bain or near you can get to Bourg Saint Maurice in a full day and then to Briancon day 2. Not sure after than as both times we headed over to Grenoble.

As others have said, altitude means you cant always start early and sometimes need to detour due to closed routes (so have a good map). E.g. Col d'iseran was not open so we diverted by Col de Madeleines.

67? Just getting started :-) [I'm a mere pup at 47 but my riding pal is 69 and still loving it]

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Re: Route des grandes alpes

Post by Spike941 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:47 pm

Yep, I agree with the three days, if you're planning on doing start to finish, to do it justice. Another col not to be missed once you're down at the bottom end is the col du Turini. I did it as a day trip from Nice after completing the Grand Route. Once at the col du Turini, don't descend straight away, take the summit circular route which is really well worth it. Easy to find as it's the only road up from the col. The other three all go down. If you've got a compass, the summit loop is virtually due north from the col.

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Re: Route des grandes alpes

Post by waynecoluk » Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:23 am

When I did it a few years ago I stayed in Grenoble the night before and set off from there. Went down to Gap and then across the 900B to Barcelonette for lunch. Then went over the Col d'allos and was in Nice for the early evening.
When I went it was May 8th and massively hot. In Nice when I arrived at 5 ish it was 34 degrees. Even at the top of Col d'Allos (where my profile pic was taken I think) it was 17 degrees. However Col d'Bonnette was closed, it was the only one that was.
Great week away though and great roads. You'll enjoy which ever route you take tbh.
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