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Highway code proposals

Post by Dark Knight » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:39 pm

I allways seem to be complaining about many things but you must look at the proposals for changes to the highway code.
I think that we already know that the roads in this country fall far below what you would expect in a modern country.
I suppose that we should define a road:
A road is a construction to enable vehicular access, it should be fairly smooth and have a camber such that the rain water drains to the side into a drainage construction that carries all accumulated water safely away (as such it requires maintenance - fat chance here).
It is not a track that someone has used a bull dozer to widen, dump some rough surface on it and install no facility to drain surface water.

I mean in Scotland the M9 one of the main motorways, actually has motorcyle killers down the centre.
Further north you willl find roads with metal gratings down the centre of the carriageway and the number of roads, where just round the corner there is a farm access/garage, where you get long slow vehicals emerging, just to keep you on your toes, is probably too many to count.
Anyway back to the main subject, the proposals suggest that we should stop for any pedestrian who may or may not wishing to cross the road, Combine this with the not so friendly police (NSFP) and it is a recipe for disaster.
Remember we own the roads because we pay for them.
Rant over and away to have a cold shower.

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