Creepy things you've seen while riding

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Re: Creepy things you've seen while riding

Post by SteveW » Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:29 am

I'd never heard of that place, I must have passed near it a few times, it's on one of the routes I use to get to Bulgaria.
Yep, it's a day's ride from my place.
Romania is a spooky place!

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Re: Creepy things you've seen while riding

Post by rodrigoscs » Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:13 am

Don't need to go that far. A couple of years ago, when all the immigration problems started in Calais, I crossed to France on the tunnel. After 5 mins or so of leaving the train, in a very very dark night, I could just see crowds of people walking randomly in the field around the road as if it was a Walking Dead scene! Some wandered on the road as well!! I just said to my mate - whatever happens don't stop.. and off we went with high beams on!

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Re: Creepy things you've seen while riding

Post by ollydog » Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:34 am

i have a good mate called stu ball from runcorn, this lad white is white and black is black, you get the idea
well coming home from working at ici runcorn, stu lives in a bit of a remote place in the back of weaverham way near the river, real county lane stuff.
driving his car not to fast he hit a lady in the road, "he saw her face pressed on the screen " as she went over the roof.
stu stops and gets out, no damage to the car, no lady no nothing,
he rings the police and the full incident package arrives, he breath and drug tested and the car examined searched and found nothing
bridget his missus said when he got home he was gray, creepy thing was bridget was pregnant at the time and in the cottage where he lived he started to see a little boy on the stairs always in his peripheral vision and when dean his lad was born never saw him again.
the neighbour next door when through a similar experience whilst his missy was pregnant
he never found out why,
this is the only spooky story i believe because this lad is straight as they come and i always get a weird feeling on the same stretch of road near his house

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Re: Creepy things you've seen while riding

Post by Spike941 » Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:37 pm

I was riding in the same neck of the woods seven years ago, descending the Tioga Pass into Yosemite, when a huge bear bounding through the trees ran across the road in front of me before disappearing into the woods on the other side. Thankfully it was broad daylight, but imagine that would have been a little spooky in the dark of twilight.

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Re: Creepy things you've seen while riding

Post by greenmachine » Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:16 pm

While driving on the M42 south of Birmingham one early evening, I looked across and saw a chap standing in an adjacent field playing the bagpipes....I guess he has to practice somewhere?
Put the shivers up me I can tell you, but luckily the traffic drowned out the awful wailing noise.

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Re: Creepy things you've seen while riding

Post by kev.t » Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:32 pm

seen a few doggers whilst out and about the lanes. yup, shiver :blush:

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Re: Creepy things you've seen while riding

Post by fw750x » Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:53 pm

On the Road that Takes you from Ballymacbrennan Filling Station to Carryduff Just outside Belfast, It is Either the Comber Road or the Hillsborough road . 3 Times i Have seen Through the Trees at one of the Corners Someone Walking along the Side of the Road Going Towards Hillsborough.When i get round the Corner the Person is not There , There is No Footpath on Either Side of the Road and i Had Slowed down Because of Traffic coming towards me expecting them to be on my Side of the Road as it is Very Narrow at this Point in the Road to get Past the Walker.Nearest House is about 100 Yards away from this Point and No Laneway to walk into.The First Couple of times i put it down to Me seeing things But the Third time the Person was Clear as Day and Maybe 50 Yards from Me , Yet when i got round the Corner the person was gone.I actually Stopped the Bike in the Drive way of a House and ran Back expecting to see the walker in the Field which is Below the Level of the Road Nothing in the field .Anytime i go by that spot and don,t see the walker it is always Really quiet for some reason. Francis

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Re: Creepy things you've seen while riding

Post by petecam » Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:59 pm

My mate found a big pink rubber cock at the end of a byway in South Devon. Does that count ?
Think he duct taped it to his front mud guard for a laugh.

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Re: Creepy things you've seen while riding

Post by Boudica » Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:33 pm

A story from my other half....
"3am.... somewhere in England....
back in 1992 I went to RAF Hereford for GST1, I was promoted to Corporal and had to do the course. We had been transported out to a disused army base in 4 ton trucks on an exercise and I had done my stint in charge. I could relax- someone else was having their leadership skills tested. Myself (an armourer) and a Physical Training instructor were sent out on a patrol up the railway line. It was one of those silent misty summer nights with a good moon. As we quietly walked the length of the line, Dave to my left down the embankment and the wire fence to my right, I spotted him- an armed intruder. I dropped to my knee and raised my rifle- the good old intimidating 7.62 L1A1. I clicked my fingers and Dave dropped to the ground. dave was a good lad- superb sense of humour and fit as a butcher's dog. Dave had just failed his last week on SAS selection and was Mister Professional....
Sillouetted in the mist we could see the intruder was holding a rifle.
"Air Force, stop or I fire!" I shouted, realising that Ted the terrorist was already stopped.
Ted did not move. Dave leopard crawled forward a bit, and repeated the order.
"Air Force, stop or I fire!"
"Put yer hands in the air!" he added.... obviously thinking the same as me...he is already stopped.
Silence reigned as the mist grew thicker.
I crawled forward a bit.
Dave crawled forward a bit.
I crawled forward a bit more....
And so it went on till we covered about 50 yards.
It was creepy....the moon.... the mist... and utter silence.... the terrorist fearlessly held his ground....
An owl hooted....
I crept forward some more.....and ..... in the misty darkness finally caught a good view of this horror of the night who was creeping about....
A bloody level crossing sign."

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Re: Creepy things you've seen while riding

Post by Mawsley » Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:11 pm

I saw that Peter Stringfellow once.
Bloody horrific, couldn't sleep for days.
Tigger King

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