2023 festival ticket cost

Where...Ragley Hall, Warwickshire. When...24-26th June 2022
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Re: 2023 festival ticket cost

Post by Richard Simpson Mark II » Sat Jul 23, 2022 1:57 pm

I was involved with (non-motorcycling) events like this for a while a few years back.
The costs and organisation were enormous: and the profits could be if you got the sums right, but not if you got them wrong. It's high-stakes for sure, and the weather is just one thing that can't be predicted at the planning stage. We had one where it was so dry before the event we contemplated cancellation (we didn't, bu we hired water bowsers and a 4x4 truck to tow them in case of fire), but the weather broke the week before and it tuned into a bit of a mud fest.
We had one (which was our last where we did 'pay per car on the gate') and it proved unexpectedly popular. Traffic backed up across Oxfordshire, and the police said we had two options: get rid of the queue (ie let everyone in for free), or close the event.
When the company I worked for was sold, the new owners thought to trim costs, and demanded to know why we had storage containers full of fence-posts...did we really need them?
Well, try running outdoor events without them!
I've never been, but from what I've seen it is now a professional 'industry event' with all the major commercial players taking part. If that's not what you want, then there are plenty of non 'industry' rallies to take part in where people can just camp in a field, use an unsanitary portaloo (or the hedge), and have a great time for a small amount of money.
Or you can take the price of a ticket to the rally and do something fantastic on your bike on your own.
It's nice to have a choice

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