Selkent Disclaimer and Permits

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Selkent Disclaimer and Permits

Post by sexysi » Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:40 am

Just a heads up if you haven't seen the Selkent ABR wall posts.

I have put together a little disclaimer, to prevent any of the lead riders getting moaned at.

Lead riders, even though they are leading a group are not responsible for any damaged incurred on yourself or your bike, whilst out on a Selkent ride out. Motor sport as we all know is dangerous and you ride at your own risk.

When I ride in the group I hold a first aid kit, so if we have some cuts etc we are covered, but if the worst should happen and something major should happen then we will all gang together to help anyone who needs our help.

We usually carry certain tools with us to perform minor repairs.

If there is a difficult Byway that needs a walk through then we will perform a walk through if needed. If there is a rider that is unsure about a Byway they can miss out that section.

At the end of the day we are all out to have a bit of fun.


Now some of our runs will be on Byways that require a Permit to access certain Byways.

These permits are free and can be downloaded from this link ... Permit.pdf

All you need to do is fill in the application and send it off, In return you will get a permit and a magic code, to allow you to open up gates on the restricted byways.

If you don't not have a permit and come on a ride out that requires one, you will not be allowed to access that section.

These permits take about 2 weeks to turn up, so get applying

Here is map links to all Byways that have restrictions on them in Kent. ... O_Pack.pdf

Thanks for reading.

See you on our next ride out ;)

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