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by 92kk k100lt 193214
Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:16 am
Topic: BMW independent, Clutch replacement cost R1100
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Re: BMW independent, Clutch replacement cost R1100

I faced that same scenario on my K100RT which came with 36,000 miles In the end I decided to leave all be and wait. Eventually I got a tell tale drip of a rear main seal failing. I left it until early he following year when I felt I would not want oil on the clutch plate in France in the summer. Ord...
by 92kk k100lt 193214
Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:12 pm
Topic: h7 headlight bulbs?
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Re: h7 headlight bulbs?

My experience of LEDs was poor and I reverted to halogen. Relay makes a great difference.
by 92kk k100lt 193214
Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:44 pm
Topic: Tesco's 10w-40 oil query
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Re: Tesco's 10w-40 oil query

My Suzuki owners manual states to use; 10w-40 API SF or SG, or SH, or SJ You can use higher letters than recommended without any bother, they reflect improvements in oils after the book is written. So SN would be safe to use, BUT as said, its not for wet clutch so don't use it. Dry clutch would be o...
by 92kk k100lt 193214
Sun Aug 25, 2019 11:31 pm
Forum: THE PUB
Topic: Scottish locals.....
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Re: Scottish locals.....

Bring Citronella night lights, you get small ones and also large Zip ones. Essential camping kit and never let me down. If you have a tarp and put some on the ground under it it keeps them clear and keeps them away from your feet Things like have your inner tent with a mesh door, never leave the mes...
by 92kk k100lt 193214
Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:25 pm
Topic: Bloody BMW prices
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Re: Bloody BMW prices

I just bought an almost mint 2 owner 1983 BMW K100RS 29,000 miles for less than the cost of that service..........€1,000. Its tight as a ducks ass and beautifully maintained with some nice upgrades. I do my own servicing..........they also seem easier to do than more modern machines. I seem to keep ...
by 92kk k100lt 193214
Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:23 am
Forum: THE PUB
Topic: Trail riding in the Dordorgne. Independant JAXSHACK review
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Re: Trail riding in the Dordorgne. Independant JAXSHACK review

I cant comment on JaxShack as I have never been there but I did just spend yet another 3 weeks in the Dordogne not too far from you. Trails are indeed fantastic, just so much to see and enjoy words don't describe it. Cave paintings, scenic towns and villages, spectacular views. If you get a chance, ...
by 92kk k100lt 193214
Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:11 am
Topic: Motion sickness
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Re: Motion sickness

I do suffer sea sickness despite a love of sea and sailing and for me Stugeron was the way to go. My solution is to eat well, but 2 hours before so its all done its thing and leaves the body warm and comfortable. Some good advice there, focussing on things more distant seems to help but I wonder is ...
by 92kk k100lt 193214
Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:05 am
Topic: Recommendations for Garage Lighting
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Re: Recommendations for Garage Lighting

Fluorescents deteriorate and reduce with age. They also get condensation and dust on the tube reducing light by as much as 50% They also depend on having a good reflector behind them. Of course condensation and dust affects that too. Cold affects the tube AND the electrical voltages. Cole weather al...
by 92kk k100lt 193214
Tue May 28, 2019 9:30 am
Topic: Safety and learning to ride again...
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Re: Safety and learning to ride again...

My son gave me a very good explanation on the hydration. Typically we have about 8 pints of blood floating around inside us. But its a bit like our gas tanks.....usable quantity is a lot less. The rest is off in the little blood vessels bringing oxygen to far reaching places.......but the biggest us...
by 92kk k100lt 193214
Sun May 26, 2019 3:18 pm
Forum: THE PUB
Topic: Parking Rant
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Re: Parking Rant

I would suggest name the place so that anyone else can avoid it.

So much for a friendly welcome for tourism.

Curious though how a shop can put a charge like that on you? Clamp?

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