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What to do?
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TOPIC: What to do?

What to do? 5 years, 3 months ago #130381

OK here's a question for the collection mind of ADBR
I used to be a very keen cyclist and did some touring, never more than 10 days or so but to some nice places (norway, slovenia etc). Always wanted to do a bigger tour but never quite found the time. About 5 years ago I had to stop riding due to hip problems, have had 2 lots of surgery and currently recovering from the third (only 38 years young now . Looking back I wish I had done more when I could have.

So anyway moving forward, about 3 years ago I decided to take my motorbike test and bought on old F650 single which I use to get to work and the odd weekend ride. I'd like to do some touring but am a bit put off by a lack of mechanical knowledge, my bike being old and as such prone to falling apart. I could afford a better bike but it has to live out on the street and has been knocked about a fair amount it seems pointless. I'll do something in this country this summer, to wales I think but I want something to aim for next summer and am looking for ideas.
As I'm a teacher I get a good length of summer holiday but winter is out, I'm also a dad so getting away for more than 3 weeks would be tough. Dont want to do extended off road but dont mind the odd easy fire road type track. Would love to go to Morocco but dont like heat and would guess August might be a bit warm. What about a trip around the Baltic how long would that take?

Thoughts, suggestions and encouragement appreciated.

Re: What to do? 5 years, 3 months ago #130384

I have no suggestions, but I just got my Vara 125 and I'm in the same situation as you, almost, no kids, but want to do trips with no mech' knowledge...

Good luck.

Re: What to do? 5 years, 3 months ago #130393

  • yoda
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Get up north and due some riding in Scotland mate, my missus works in education and my daughters a teacher, they spend all summer hols up on the west coast and theres some great riding to be had up there. Take a look at the ABR Scotland group.

Werever you go tho make the most of the summer hol break and enjoy.

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Re: What to do? 5 years, 3 months ago #130397

You may find this worth watching
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Re: What to do? 5 years, 3 months ago #130398

  • Alun
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A tour around the Baltic with a diversion to see some of the best scenery on the west coast of Norway, which I'd advise, would be approx 4000 miles which means an average of around 190 miles per day over 3 weeks – with no rest days.

If you included a trip up to North Cape then that would make it around 4800 miles or approx 230 miles per day with no rest days.

A 'basic' run around the Baltic is around 3,500 miles or 165 miles per day.

All of the above are based on taking the ferry from Helsinki, Finland to Tallin in Estonia and could easily be done within 3 weeks, even factoring in a few rest days.
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Re: What to do? 5 years, 3 months ago #130404

Alun, having toured Norway by bicycle around Bergen area and having a mate who lives in Stockholm I was thinking of heading up through Sweden which would be quicker, and then crossing over towards Trondheim, is North Cape worth visiting? Mate of mine said it wasnt worth it really, compared to what else is on offer.

Re: What to do? 5 years, 3 months ago #130407

  • Alun
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There are more scenic places to ride than North Cape but then it's a nice box to tick and personally I like the riding through remoter areas with big expanses of wilderness and you'll certainly get that heading back from NC into Finland. I also believe it's possible to ride from the north of Finland to the South on graded roads without touching tarmac, if that's what you're looking for.

You'll also experience 24 hour daylight during the time of year you'll be travelling, it's possible to read a newspaper or book at 2am, though why you'd want to is another thing.
Too many places, not enough time

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Re: What to do? 5 years, 3 months ago #130416

I also run a clattery old F650GS and can thoroughly recommend Norway.;ie=UTF-8&sa=N

The longer the better, but you can see a good deal of stuff in 2 weeks. Don't expect to go very fast as the speed limit is low and there's a lot of fjord crossings. Only big downside is the cost, but you can get by camping and cooking your own meals.
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Re: What to do? 5 years, 3 months ago #130417

  • Mad Cow
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One thing I would say is don't get too hung up about reliability.

Get the bike serviced before you go, make sure tyres, brake pads, chain and sprockets have plenty of life in them and go for it!

If I can recall the only breakdown i've ever had abroad was a blown fuse (on a brand new bike) and i've riden a whole range of different aged bikes too.

I've even had to do routine maintenance en-route like the time nobody in the UK had front brake pads for my BMW R80RT so i rode to Paris, bought them there and fitted them in the street outside the BMW dealers!

Oh yes they have BMWs in other countries too

Although I don't count running into the back of my two mates bikes in France and virtually writing off my own bike! But even then we eventually got all three back home without outside assistance.

Touring in the UK is a great way of testing things out, go see those bits you have always wanted to visit with the safety net of breakdown cover in the rare event the bike does let you down. Actually plenty of insurance policies give you (or at least the option of adding) Europe wide breakdown cover anyway.

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